Are taxes higher in Spain or France?

Spanish tax rates are significantly higher than in France, especially for low to mid earners.
The French system is more progressive, meaning that high earners pay a higher proportion of their income in tax than low to mid earners.
Despite having a higher top rate, the average effective rate of tax paid by French taxpayers is lower than in Spain.
The overall tax burden (total taxes as a % of GDP) is also lower in France than in Spain.

Do British pensioners get free healthcare in Spain?

You may be entitled to healthcare coverage from the UK government if you are a resident of Spain and receive a UK State Pension or an exportable benefit. For more information on eligibility, please visit the NHS website.
If you’re living in Spain and receive benefits from the UK, you may be able to get free health care through the state-run health care system. Check out the NHS website for more information on eligibility requirements.

Will I still get my pension if I move to Spain?

Wondering if you can still collect your pension even if you move abroad? The good news is that personal and workplace pensions can be paid to you no matter where in the world you reside. You’ll still be entitled to any annual increases that have been built into the pension plan. However, before making any final decisions about moving, be sure to speak with your pension scheme or provider about the implications of relocating.

Is healthcare free in Spain?

Spanish healthcare is highly accessible throughout the country. It is public, free, and available to every Spanish resident. People who work pay monthly social security contributions to uphold the public healthcare system.
The Spanish healthcare system is one of the best in Europe. It is free and open to all residents, regardless of income or social status. Those who are employed contribute to the system through monthly social security contributions.
Spain offers high-quality, affordable healthcare to all its residents. The public healthcare system is funded by social security contributions from people who are employed.
All residents of Spain have access to free, public healthcare. Those who are employed contribute to the system each month through their social security payments.
Spain provides excellent healthcare to its citizens, which is funded by social security contributions from employees. All Spanish residents have access to this free service

What are the cons of living in Portugal?

Disadvantages of living in Portugal: salaries are lower than other European countries, bureaucracy can be a nightmare, and it can take a long time to get simple things done.
On the plus side, Portugal is a beautiful country with great weather and friendly people. But if you’re thinking of moving here, be aware of the cons.
One downside to living in Portugal is that salaries are generally lower than in other Western European countries.
Another potential issue is bureaucracy. Portuguese red tape can be notoriously frustrating, and it’s not uncommon for things to take months or even years to get sorted out.
Finally, keep in mind that Portugal is a relatively small country. While this can be seen as a positive (everything is close by), it also means there’s less diversity and fewer job opportunities than you’ll find in larger nations

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