Can you retire in Mexico and collect social security?

If you are qualified for United States Social Security payments, then it is possible to receive those payments while living in Mexico. Regardless of your location, as long as you meet certain requirements, the money can still be sent to your destination.

How much money can I send to Mexico without paying taxes?

For those sending money for business purposes, it’s important to note that taxes are not applicable on amounts below $10,000 USD. Above this amount however, taxes may be applicable and accordingly a 8300 tax form must be completed.

Is Guadalajara a good place for expats?

Guadalajara is one of the few cities in Mexico that still has its original Mexican culture. While other places in the country have become more Westernized, this city has kept its traditions and customs intact. From the vibrant music to the delicious cuisine, Guadalajara offers a unique experience for those looking for an authentic cultural adventure. The city also boasts a variety of attractions including museums, art galleries and parks that can help you explore local history and heritage.

Whether you are looking for a relaxed vacation or want to delve deeper into Mexican culture, Guadalajara is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience. With its rich history, colorful celebrations and friendly locals, visitors will quickly fall in love with this vibrant destination. From traditional markets to cuisines influenced by global cultures – there’s something here for everyone!

If you’re interested in getting off-the-beaten path while exploring Mexico then look no further than Guadalajara! This charming city has plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered along with plenty of activities such as horseback riding around Sierra Madre Occidental or wandering through cobblestone streets lined with brightly colored houses near Tequila Towne Plaza de Armas.

So if you’re looking for an exciting getaway that combines both relaxation and exploration then make sure to include Guadalajara on your travel list! With so much culture tucked away in this lively city, it’s no wonder why people keep coming back year after year – don’t miss out!

Is Guadalajara cheaper than Puerto Vallarta?

When deciding between Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta as a vacation destination, it is important to consider the cost. On average, travelers can expect to spend slightly more in Puerto Vallarta than they would in Guadalajara – with daily costs averaging $79 and $81 per person respectively.

Where do expats live in Guadalajara?

The Lake Chapala region, situated in western-central Mexico, is a haven for thousands of expats, with the majority coming from the United States and Canada. Most of them are retirees who have chosen to settle down in the peaceful area which only takes an hour’s drive south of Guadalajara.

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