Is Guadalajara a good place to live?

Guadalajara boasts a fantastic lifestyle, providing citizens with a strong economy and high-quality living. This bustling metropolis gives off the vibe of a much smaller city despite its size. Those who come to study from anywhere throughout Mexico tend to stick around; many cite the culture and population as two of the reasons why they choose to stay.

What do you call a girl from Jalisco?

San Luis Potosí: A native of San Luis Potosi is known as a potosino/a.
Jalisco: Those from the state of Jalisco are referred to as jaliscienses.
Living in these states provides a unique experience and sense of belonging, bringing forth pride within its citizens.

What does Tapatio mean in Mexican?

Someone from downtown Guadalajara is referred to as ‘Tapatío’ – a Mexican Spanish colloquial term. The city is Mexico’s second-largest and the native of this area are linked to the highlands of Jalisco. Anything associated with Guadalajara or Jalisco can also be described as Tapatío.

Is Guadalajara safer than Mexico City?

Guadalajara is not as safe as many other large cities in Mexico, with a higher murder rate per 100k residents than Mexico City. While the rate of homicides sits at 25 per 100k in Guadalajara, the capital city has a much lower figure at 14 per 100k.

How far is Guadalajara from the beach?

For those seeking coastal respite, Guadalajara is a mere four-hour drive away from the nearest beach. By comparison, Mexico City dwellers must travel nearly six hours to reach the coast.

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