What is the highest paying job in San Francisco?

Psychiatrists in San Francisco earn an average salary of $360,740.

Family medicine physicians in San Francisco earn an average salary of $275,220.

Physicians in San Francisco earn an average salary of $260,0

Chief executives in San Francisco earn an average salary of $258,0

Is SF or Manhattan more expensive?

Cities offer a variety of employment opportunities along with loads of culture, sports, dining, and entertainment. The desire to live in cities can make them quite expensive. New York City’s Manhattan borough is the most costly place to live, followed by Honolulu and San Francisco.

Can you live in Bay Area with 100k salary?

A solid salary is $100k, and you can live comfortably as long as your housing budget is relatively sane by Bay Area standards. This means that after taxes, food, moderate entertainment and insurance, you’ve probably got $20–30k left to play with for housing and savings.

How do people afford rent in San Francisco?

Rent-controlled apartments help people stay in San Francisco because rent-control ensures that tenants never overpay for rent. As rental prices skyrocket in other cities and towns, they’re kept a bit more under control in San Francisco. This enables the person living in the apartment to do more with their money. 9 Aug 202

How much house can I afford in San Francisco?

Housing expenses, including your monthly principal and mortgage interest rate, home insurance, annual property taxes, and private mortgage insurance payments (PMI), should not exceed 28% of your total pre-tax income.
Total debt should not exceed 36% of your total pre-tax income.

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