What is the nicest neighborhood in Guadalajara?

Time Out Magazine recently revealed their list of the 51 coolest neighborhoods in the world, with Colonia Americana taking the top spot. This picturesque neighborhood in Guadalajara was highly praised for its unique style and vibrant culture.

Is Guadalajara good for expats?

Without a doubt, Guadalajara is an excellent place to call home! If you are passionate about cities rich in culture, then know that the state of Jalisco capital has arguably retained its Mexican essence more than any other. Although much of Mexico has become overrun with whiteness and westernisation, the roots and culture of this vibrant city remain intact even today.

What is the safest expat community in Mexico?

San Miguel de Allende is a go-to spot for many expats, thanks to its admirable safety record. Besides Canadians, Brits and Americans account for 8,000 of the expats who call this stunning Mexican colonial town home – given its spectacular churches and monuments with rich heritage. Additionally, San Miguel boasts a wonderful restaurant scene as well.

Is Guadalajara cheaper than Puerto Vallarta?

Are you wondering which city is more affordable; Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta? Well, when it comes to overall average travel costs for these two destinations the results may surprise you. On average, spending per person in Puerto Vallarta each day amounts to $79 whereas daily expenses in Guadalajara amount to $8

Where do expats live in Guadalajara Mexico?

Nestled in western Mexico, only an hour’s drive away from Guadalajara is the picturesque Lake Chapala region. It is a popular area among thousands of expats, primarily retirees, hailing mainly from the United States and Canada. The region provides a beautiful backdrop for these foreign residents to call home.

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