What is the safest part of Guadalajara?

Guadalajara is full of vibrant and safe places to explore with districts like the Historical Center, Puerto de Hierro, The Americana, Chapalita, Zapopan, and Providencia. These essential districts are home to much of Guadalajara’s famous architecture, museums, and cultural landmarks that make the city so unique.

Is Guadalajara a good place to live?

Guadalajara is a magnificent city that offers an extraordinary quality of life. Despite its size, it has the atmosphere of a friendly small town. The thriving economy and vibrant population make this a great place to settle down in. People come from all over Mexico to take advantage of educational opportunities, and many end up deciding to stay permanently due to their love for the city.

Can you brush your teeth in Mexico?

Even when at a location where you cannot drink the tap water, it is perfectly safe to brush your teeth with. There will naturally be some bacteria in this water, but this should not dissuade you from brushing your pearly whites.

Can I buy a house in Mexico for $100000?

Are you looking for a house in Mexico? Then your budget can range from $100,000 USD and up! You can find many options depending on what size and type of home you are looking for. A small house might cost around $100,000 USD or less while if you want to get something bigger with an amazing view, then the price could be more than a million dollars. Check out the different types of houses available in Mexico today!

What are the disadvantages of living in Mexico?

Living in Mexico can come with its downsides, but there is still a lot of beauty to be seen. Unfortunately, basic utilities such as internet and water are not always reliable, which can make for an inconvenient life. Additionally, uneven or non-existent sidewalks and lack of safety building codes make it more difficult to move around safely. Furthermore, flushing toilet paper down the toilet isn’t permitted in some locations and public restrooms aren’t free either! Lastly, ‘topes’ (speed bumps) can cause damage to your car if you don’t drive carefully over them. Although these negatives may exist in Mexico, many people find a ton of joy living there too!

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