What should I do first in Solstheim?

Locate the Island of Solstheim

The first thing you should do when visiting the island of Solstheim is to locate it. Solstheim is located off the coast of Skyrim and Morrowind and is accessible via boat or silt strider. It is also possible to travel to Solstheim in the Shivering Isles expansion of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Once you have located the island, it is time to explore the many areas, quests, and creatures that inhabit it.

Explore the Island

Exploring Solstheim can be achieved in a variety of ways. You can explore the island on foot, or with your trusty steed. If you are the type of adventurer that enjoys a more daring approach, you can explore by boat. However, if you want to get an overview of the island, you can check out the map that is available in game.

The island itself is vast and contains a variety of different areas to explore. You can visit the Raven Rock Mine and acquire the necessary ebony ore to craft the Ebony Blade. You can also explore the Dunmer Stronghold, the Temple of Miraak, the Ragnvald Temple, and the Telvanni Tower, among other sites. Each of these locations contains quests, loot, and creatures that must be dealt with.

Fight and Complete Quests

Once you have explored the island, it is time to start fighting and completing quests. Solstheim is home to a variety of creatures, such as Ash Spawn, Warped Skeletons, and Lurkers. You will also encounter various enemies while completing the quests available in the island. These can range from bandits to bandits, monsters, and even dragons.

Most of the quests in Solstheim are related to the main quest line, The Fate of the Skaal. This quest line involves freeing the Skaal from the influence of Miraak, the evil Daedric Prince. After completing this main quest line, you will be rewarded with powerful weapons and armor, and other rewards.

Overall, Solstheim is a great place to explore and enjoy. It is full of interesting creatures, quests, and locations. You will not be disappointed if you decide to visit Solstheim and experience all that it has to offer!

Can you keep Miraak alive?

Keeping Miraak Alive

Miraak is one of the main antagonists in the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is a powerful Dragon Priest who was defeated by the Dragonborn, the player’s character. As a result, the game’s main quest line ends with Miraak’s death. However, some players may wish to keep Miraak alive in their game.

Modifying the Main Quest

The simplest way to keep Miraak alive is to use a mod or console commands to modify the main quest. Modding is the process of using a third-party program or console commands to alter the game, allowing for a variety of changes. A mod can be used to change the main quest so that Miraak does not die, but instead remains alive and the player simply defeats him without killing him. This method is relatively simple, but requires familiarity with modding or console commands.

Completing Side Quests

Another method to keep Miraak alive is to complete side quests that are related to Miraak. These include the “Cleansing the Stones” and “The Path of Knowledge” quests. Completing these quests will allow the Dragonborn to learn the secrets of Miraak’s power and use it to prevent him from dying. This method does not require any modding or console commands, and can be accomplished without compromising the main quest.

What race lives in Solstheim?

Description of the Race

The race that lives in Solstheim is known as the Nords. The Nords are a tall, fair-haired and blue-eyed people that have a reputation as fearsome warriors and seafaring folk. They are proud of their ancient Nord heritage and have a strong cultural identity. Nords are known to be independent and proud, but also hospitable and loyal to their friends and family.


The Nords have been living in Solstheim since ancient times. The region is part of their ancestral homeland and they have been living there for generations. In the past, the Nords have been through many different rulers, wars, and upheavals, but they have managed to keep their culture and traditions alive throughout these tumultuous times.

Religion and Beliefs

The Nords are a deeply religious people. They venerate the ancient gods of Skyrim, such as Kyne, Shor, and Ysgramor. They also have a strong belief in the afterlife, and they believe that those who die honorable deaths will go to Sovngarde, the Nordic afterlife.

The Nords have a strong sense of honor and justice, and they are very generous and hospitable to those who visit their lands. They are also fiercely independent and have a strong sense of pride in their culture and traditions.

Are there vampires in Solstheim?

What is Solstheim?

Solstheim is a province located in the northeast corner of Tamriel in the world of The Elder Scrolls. It is primarily made up of a large island, as well as several smaller islands, to the north of Skyrim, part of Morrowind and Black Marsh.

Vampire Sightings in Solstheim

There have been reports of vampires on the island, primarily living in caves and ruins. It is possible that vampires have been living in Solstheim for some time, but the situation is not fully understood. One thing is certain, however: the activities of these vampires have caused some trouble for the locals.


So although it is not confirmed that there are vampires in Solstheim, it is possible and there have been reports of their activities. It is best to remain vigilant and take caution when travelling to the island.

Can you buy a house in Skaal Village?

What Is Skaal Village?

Skaal Village is a small settlement located on the northern coast of Solstheim, an island located off the northwest coast of Tamriel. It is inhabited by the Skaal, a group of hardy Nords who have managed to make a living despite the harsh climate and lack of resources. The village is home to a number of buildings, including a mead hall, a smithy, a temple, an inn, and a few small homes.

Can You Buy a House in Skaal Village?

It is possible to purchase a house in Skaal Village, however, it is not the same process as buying a house in most other locations. In order to buy a house in Skaal Village, you must complete certain quests and gain the approval of the villagers. After gaining the approval of the villagers, you can purchase a one-room house from the village smith, Tharsten Heart-Fang. This basic house will cost you 3,000 gold, and upgrading it will cost additional gold. Once you have purchased and upgraded your house, it will become your home in Skaal Village and you will be able to store items and rest there.

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