Where do most black people live in Houston?

According to U.S. Census estimates, Houston’s black residents mostly reside in the southern and northern areas of Harris County. Many of the black majority neighborhoods are outside of the 610 Loop.

Black residents in Houston mostly live in the southern and northern areas of Harris County, with many black majority neighborhoods being located outside of the 610 Loop.

What is the blackest city in Texas?

According to new Census data, the City of Pflugerville has the highest African-American population in the Austin-metro.
The City of Austin has seen explosive growth over the last several years, but despite that growth, the African-American population has continued to decrease.

What part of Texas is majority Black?

The majority of the Black and African American population in Texas lives in the Greater Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio metropolitan areas. Native Americans are a smaller minority in the state.

What is the racial makeup of Houston?

22% of the population is black or African American, .11% is of other race, .07% is of two or more races, and .06% is Asian.

Is Houston LGBT friendly?

Houston has a large and diverse LGBT population. The city is home to the fourth largest gay pride parade in the nation.

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