Where should I live in Guadalajara?

Centro Historico. Those looking to explore the historical side of Guadalajara cannot find a better neighborhood than Centro Historico. TripSavvy / Ana Alarcon

Colonia Americana. This affluent residential area offers plenty of opportunities for strolls through its tree-lined streets, shops, and restaurants. Esdelval / Getty Images

Colonia Lafayette – Another superior choice for those with an eye on luxury is the peaceful neighborhhood of Colonia Lafayette. Simon McGill / Getty Images

Colonia San Francisco (Las 9 Esquinas) – With excellent dining options, this district is a great destination for foodies wanting to sample some authentic local cuisine.

5 Zapopan – Home to several important tourist attraction sites that include religious shrines and modern shopping malls, Zapopan should not be missed by any visitor to the city of Guadalajara..

6 San Pedro Tlaquepaque – Located just south west of Guadalajara’s city center, with its many cobblestone streets lined with artisanal stores selling handmade jewelry and pottery, this picturesque village is beloved by visitors from near and far alike..

What is the nicest part of Mexico to live?

Puerto Vallarta: A Stunning Seaside Escape for Expats.
San Miguel de Allende: A Hub of Rich Culture and History.
Mérida: Experience the Charm of a Traditional Colonial City.
Lake Chapala, Mexico’s Uncontested Expat Hotspot!
Tulúm, An Enchanting Resort Town with a Bohemian Flair.
Huatulco, Discover this Hidden Gem in Southern Mexico!

Do a lot of Americans live in Guadalajara?

A significant number of Americans and Canadians have chosen to make their home in the city of Guadalajara. Additionally, a large congregation of retirees reside by nearby Lake Chapala.

Can you live on $2000 a month in Mexico?

Living in Mexico is definitely a great choice, especially if you consider the lower cost of living. With this kind of budget, you can do things such as going out to eat often, exploring different places and having fun with your buddies. Playa del Carmen might just be the place for you if this is what you are looking for! For less than $2,000 per month, living in Playa del Carmen is possible!

Have you ever thought about relocating to Playa del Carmen? Well now could be the time to do it – provided that your budget isn’t too high! You’ll only need approximately $2,000 a month to live quite comfortably in this picturesque destination. This can give you enough money for dining out regularly as well as planning some trips around the area or even head overseas every once in a while.

Moving to Playa del Carmen will allow you to fully take advantage of its sunny beaches and vibrant culture at an affordable price tag. With so much on offer right at your doorstep, it’s easy to see why living here could be incredibly appealing – all while not breaking the bank either! So don’t wait any longer and start packing those bags; making your dreams come true has never been easier or more accessible before!

Do expats pay taxes in Mexico?

Individuals who are residents in Mexico are required to pay income tax on all their global earnings, irrespective of nationality. Non-residents, including Mexican citizens with proof of tax residency outside the country, must only pay taxes for their Mexican income sources.

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