Which generation saves the most?

Generation Z has the most confidence in their savings (69%), followed by boomers at 65%, and both millennials and Gen Xers at 60%.

What do Gen Z enjoy?

According to a recent study, listening to music is the top activity Gen Z and Millennials do in their free time.
Gen Z is much more likely to watch videos on YouTube and social media platforms than Millennials.
Gen Z is also more likely to play video games in their free time compared to Millennials.

What is Gen Z work ethic?

A recent survey by Kronos Inc shows that 76% of respondents believe that they are responsible for their own career development.
The survey also revealed the priorities that Generation Z has when it comes to their work ethic.
In particular, 26% of respondents stated that they would work harder and be more loyal to a company if they had flexible schedules.

How can Gen Z buy a house?

As potential house buyers, Gen Zers need to focus on building equity. Pasternak said this means paying off your loan or mortgage so that your house is worth more than what you bought it for. The best way to build equity is by making a large down payment on your home – ideally between 15% to 20%.

Who is the oldest Gen Z?

A US Census publication in 2020 described Generation Z as the “young and mobile” population. The oldest members of the cohort were born after 199

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