Will housing prices in Houston go down?

Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metro home values have gone up 13% over the past year. The latest forecast is that they will rise by 0.9% between Sept 2022 and Sept 202

Is Houston turning into Chicago?

According to a new report from Reuters, Houston is forecast to grow in population to the point that the city will surpass Chicago, becoming the third largest city in the nation within the next eight to 10 years.

Is Houston a buyers or sellers market?

Difference Since October 2021: Since last year, Houston has remained a Seller’s Market.

Is Houston the future of America?

Resonance deemed Houston as the American city of the future, highlighting several of Houston’s characteristics that make it stand out from other global cities, including Houston’s diversity, population growth and dining. 3 Nov 2020

Why is Houston not considered a walking city?

He said that the city’s original design for the intersection didn’t provide the space needed to safely accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. “The right-turn lanes were three times wider, resulting in a very hostile design for walking and biking,” Martinson said. 4 Mar 202

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